October 13, 2014

NEWS: Sierra Club Endorses McKenzie in Michigan 11th

For Immediate Release,
October 13, 2014

Mike Berkowitz
Sierra Club Endorses McKenzie in Michigan 11th
Cites Commitment to Public Transportation, Clean Energy and R&D

Livonia, MI – Today, Sierra Club’s Michigan Chapter announced their endorsement of Bobby McKenzie in the race for the 11th Congressional District. The district includes a large portion of the Detroit metropolitan area including Rochester Hills, Farmington and Livonia. McKenzie is running against David Trott, former partner at Enbridge Energy Partners. Enbridge is responsible for the July 2010 tar sands oil spill that dumped a million gallons of oil along 35 miles of the Kalamazoo River and its tributaries, the largest inland oil spill in American history. 

In response to today’s announcement Anne Woiwode, Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club, issued the following statement:
“Bobby McKenzie will be a key voice in the fight to protect Michigan’s great natural heritage. Bobby will be a leader in working to transform critical transportation options in some of Michigan’s hardest hit cities, work that isn’t just great for the environment, but will also go a long way to giving the Detroit region an economic jump start.

Voters have a stark decision to make in the November election: On the one hand, a candidate who sided with the banks during the financial crisis, a candidate who worked with Enbridge,  the company responsible for the largest inland oil spill in American history. While on the other; voters can choose a candidate who has pledged to work for our communities and not the banks that held us hostage, to strengthen the economy not give a free pass to predatory industries, and to create a clean, safe environment that all Michiganders can enjoy.

Bobby is the clear choice to be the next Congressperson for Southeastern Michigan.  His commitment to strong environmental protections, rolling back decades of industrial pollution and support of increased investment in research and development are clear signs he’s ready to lead Michigan towards forward thinking 21st Century solutions to our energy, economic and environmental challenges.”


October 10, 2014

NEWS: Michigan Sierra Club Launches Online Political Advertising Campaign

October 10, 2014

Mike Berkowitz

Michigan Sierra Club Launches Online Political Advertising Campaign
Nation’s Largest Grassroots Conservation Organization to target Gubernatorial and State Legislative races

LANSING, MI  - Today, the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club launched an online political advertising campaign in support of Mark Schauer and ten candidates for the Michigan Legislature.  The campaign includes a video featuring Sierra Club Michigan Chapter Director Anne Woiwode and Schauer, who is endorsed by the Sierra Club.

The ads also target ten state legislative districts supporting David Haener (House District 23), Sandy Colvin (House District 39), Annie Brown (House District 66), Theresa Abed (House District 71), Winnie Brinks (House District 76), Annie Braidwood (House District 85), Collene Lamonte (House District 91), Bryan Mielke (House District 99), Tom Stobie (House District 101) and Dian Slavens (Senate District 7).

“We are using online capabilities to reach Sierra Club and other environmental supporters with a message letting them know which candidates support protecting our Great Lakes system and which do not,” said Mike Berkowitz, Political Director of the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter. “By linking ads to our legislative scorecard, voter guide, and endorsed candidate websites, voters will be able to access information letting them know where candidates stand on issues important to Michigan’s future.”

To see a full list of the Michigan Sierra Club’s endorsements, click here.

About the Sierra Club
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