November 6, 2019

Sierra Club endorsed candidates make gains in local races

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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Sierra Club endorsed candidates won big in last night’s elections across Michigan. The issues that drove voters to the polls in this off-year election included candidate commitments to renewable energy at the municipal level, safe affordable drinking water, environmentally sustainable development, and support for local recycling programs. Sierra Club is proud to support candidates that championed these issues.

Michael Fournier, the Sierra Club endorsed candidate for mayor of Royal Oak,​ sees his win as a mandate to push forward on sustainable development. Speaking with Sierra Club this morning Fournier said, “Environmental issues are top issues for our constituents in Royal Oak. We plan to be thoughtful leaders in proving that economic development and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive.”

The election results from last night show that candidate positions on environmental issues will also play a big role in the 2020 election. According to polling done this summer through the Yale project on climate communications, 65% of registered voters in Michigan are concerned about climate change, and 74% of voters are likely to support candidates who favor funding renewable energy. Sierra Club channels significant grassroots support to translate these polling results into election results, and last night’s wins show that we are making gains going into 2020.

Sierra Club endorsed candidate Wendy Pate, the highest vote getter across all candidates in Trenton, sees environmental issues at the heart of her campaign issues, “I campaigned for community benefit in development. The International Wildlife Refuge and the Detroit River anchor our community, and we deserve clean sustainable development that will drive Trenton forward.”

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